Sterling Shepard: Giants offense will be tough on defenses

Sterling Shepard: Giants offense will be tough on defenses

The Giants hired Brian Daboll as their head coach because of the offensive acumen he displayed as the Bills’ offensive coordinator and he’s created at least one believer over the course of the team’s offseason program.

Wide receiver Sterling Shepard said he thinks the team’s fans will love the system that Daboll has put in place because “it has potential for a lot of big plays.” Shepard shared his belief that the amount of motion the team will be doing from snap to snap creates that potential and that it will stress opponents trying to slow the Giants down this fall.

“Moving parts all day long,” Shepard said, via the team’s website. “It kind of gets overwhelming whenever you look at the motion list too. They have it broken down on our [tablets], so when you look at the motion list, it’s so many different motions that you can do. It’ll be good getting a lot of our playmakers moving around. It’s going to be tough on defenses.”

It’s been a while since the Giants have made things tough on anyone and Shepard may not have a lot of people hopping on the bandwagon right now given the makeup of the roster, but a few good performances to open the regular season should get some more people on board with the Daboll way.