Supposedly leaked Baker Mayfield Seahawks jersey is a fake

Supposedly leaked Baker Mayfield Seahawks jersey is a fake

In late June, we rarely turn up our noses at news. The supposed news that the Seahawks accidentally leaked on their pro shop a page for ordering a Baker Mayfield jersey is definitely fake. And we only mention it because plenty of people seem to be regarding it as the real deal.

Have a look. A close look. Look at the bottom. Look at the name above the 6 on the jersey.

It’s not Mayfield. It’s Diggs.

Quandre Diggs wears No. 6 for the Seahawks, currently. So someone changed (but not completely) the information on the page for ordering a Quandre Diggs jersey to make it look like a Mayfield jersey.

That’s the dynamic that made us instantly skeptical of the claim. Because Diggs already has No. 6, the Seahawks wouldn’t instantly launch a page to order a Mayfield jersey with No. 6 on it. He may not even end up with No. 6, if he even ends up on the team. If he does, it wouldn’t be immediate, requiring them to do what the Jaguars did last year when Tim Tebow was on the team (no, it wasn’t a fever dream) and the Jaguars sold jerseys without a number assigned to it.

This doesn’t mean Mayfield won’t be a Seahawk, even if my own personal reaction to the recent suggestion that the Seahawks still have a high level of interest in trading for Mayfield was that it feels like an effort by someone to create a market that doesn’t exist. The clock is ticking toward either a resolution of his status with the Browns or a degree of awkwardness that would be far more entertaining than any news of a trade or a release could ever be.