Darnell Mooney: “Night and day” difference with Bears under Matt Eberflus

Darnell Mooney: “Night and day” difference with Bears under Matt Eberflus

It remains to be seen how the Bears fare in the standings this season, but one aspect of the changes to the front office and coaching staff this offseason appears to have been successful.

Wide receiver Darnell Mooney made an appearance on the Red Line Radio podcast and the subject of life with new head coach Matt Eberflus was one of the topics of conversation. Mooney played 33 games for former head coach Matt Nagy in his first two seasons and his answer focused on the clarity that Eberflus and the other coaches have provided the team this offseason.

“It’s night and day, man,” Mooney said, via Gene Chamberlain of SI.com. “It’s smooth. I mean everything. Everybody knows where to go, when to do something, what’s the expectation, what’s the standard. You know what you’re getting out of the next day. It’s not coming in and just like, ‘uh, what we got going on?’ So everybody knows exactly what the coaches want.”

Mooney said he appreciates Eberflus’ focus on the overall organization of the team because you “can’t have the organization part and trying to do one thing” at the same time. That’s a change from Nagy, who ran the offense for most of his tenure, and Mooney noted that Eberflus is letting offensive coordinator Luke Getsy “do his thing” heading into the season.

A different approach was guaranteed once the Bears made changes this offseason. The results aren’t guaranteed, but the hope is that Eberflus’ approach will prove to be the right one in Chicago.